Network unlock by code for LG phones

Network unlock by code for LG phonesThis service allows you to unlock LG phones by the manufacturer code. Supported are all LG models no matter which network. It is the safest way to unlock your mobile phone without any interference in the phone.

To get your unlock code we only need the IMEI number.


Make sure that you can enter an unlock code to your LG device, before you make an order !!!
Instruction for entering the code for your LG device can be found in the phone description that you wish to unlock.
If you need any help contact us.

Also before you make an order, check if the LG device is not showing a message "This device is permanently locked" if such message appears the device cannot be unlocked. It means that somebody has entered wrong codes in your device too many times, and it doesn't have an option to enter the unlock code.

Newest LG models coming from Metro PCS USA or T-Mobile USA that use a "Device Unlock app", cannot be unlocked by code (there is an unlock code available, but there is no way to enter it into the device). All LG models with "Device Unlock app" can be unlocked by using these services Device Unlock App.


2017-12-15 10:25:37 nick

Unlocking LG LGL24 - good job

2017-12-15 09:50:05 Otto

Unlocking LG D415 - Me gusto fue rápido en tan solo 10 minutos ... Es la mejor

2017-12-14 15:52:06 Radosław

Unlocking LG P760 - Wszystko zgodnie z opisem polecam

2017-12-14 15:10:12 RAFAL

Unlocking LG K8 - Bardzo szybko telefon został odblokowany polecam wszystkim

2017-12-14 08:41:51 Marcin

Unlocking LG K10 - Wszystko przebiegło sprawnie bardzo szybko dostałem kod odblokowujący.Polecam

2017-12-13 23:07:53 Andrzej

Unlocking LG H440N - Wszystko na maxymalnym poziomie,czyli IDEALNIE.Dostalem kod za 5-7 minPOLECAM

2017-12-13 23:03:50 Marcin

Unlocking LG K10 - Bardzo szybko otrzymałem kod w kilka minut.Polecam.

2017-12-13 18:46:36 Steve

Unlocking LG V20 - Love it. It was fast and I do mean fast. I hit check out and got the paid confirmation and then by the time I screen shot it and closed the app I had gotten the email with the unlock code put it in once and it worked perfectly highly recommend it to anyone who has a cell phone locked in with any carrier

2017-12-13 17:30:40 Paul

Unlocking LG G4 - Awesome ... EE in the UK had told me 10days to get the unlock code. It took 30mins with these guys. HIGHLY recommended *****

2017-12-13 13:14:01 rmreid001

Unlocking LG G6 - Much thanks for the quick service unlock for my LG G6

2017-12-13 12:17:51 Nikola

Unlocking LG Leon 4G LTE - All ok, phone works very well

2017-12-13 11:26:28 RBR

Unlocking LG L90 - schnelle Abwicklung - Top. Danke

2017-12-12 11:06:03 yusuf

Unlocking LG Escape 2 - good job

2017-12-12 10:32:34 virgil1381

Unlocking LG G3 - The website says 1 to 4 hours but it was more like two to three minutes.... I've used unlock river before and I paid more and it took a lot longer. I will definitely be promoting your website in the future thank you very much.

2017-12-12 02:11:25 Hugo

Unlocking LG K7 - Nise. Como poner y liberar el telefono

2017-12-11 22:39:58 eduardo


2017-12-11 13:48:23 Patryk

Unlocking LG G3 S - Szybko i sprawnie

2017-12-11 13:17:32 Nicolas

Unlocking LG E400 - Pasos super sencillos....

2017-12-11 13:16:52 Nicolas

Unlocking LG E400 - Excelente servicio... y muy rapido

2017-12-11 12:54:01 RAGHU

Unlocking LG G4 - super... excellent my phone got unlocked in 4 minutes and with 15 minutes after I placed my order I got the codes and it worked absolutely fine. I was struggling for 1 year to be exact and I am super happy now. I had this LG G4 from Canada through virgin network they were asking about 40 $ to unclok and now i just paid 10 $ and got it unlocked . Thank you so much SIM-UNLOCK.NET

2017-12-10 15:09:47 Juan arturo Chuy

Unlocking LG K4 - Excelente servicio fue mucho más rápido que lo estimado, mi teléfono quedo liberado con el código proporcionado.

2017-12-10 13:15:03 Maciej

Unlocking LG L65 D280 - Bardzo szybka usługa. Gorąco polecam.

2017-12-10 12:20:47 fabia

Unlocking LG Leon 4G LTE - Hola, realmente la explicación y el código enviado en mi caso funciono perfecto por lo cual pude reutilizar me celular. Muchas gracias

2017-12-10 10:37:14 Verena

Unlocking LG D855 - All perfect and quick. Thank you a lot

2017-12-09 17:48:42 Luis

Unlocking LG Escape 2 - Muy bien, gracias 2 consecutivos sin problemas....

2017-12-09 03:54:59 alejandro

Unlocking LG Stylo 2 - me gusta me mandaron el código meno de media hora

2017-12-08 17:01:45 Leszek

Unlocking LG D280n - Szybko chyba około 10min.

2017-12-08 12:56:54 leigh

Unlocking LG K4 - It said average time was 50 minutes but LG can be 1-4 hours. I would of been happy with that but it took 1 day and 22 hours. I feel as though I was misled, the code worked fine just the time frame.

2017-12-07 19:48:06 Pasztor

Unlocking LG Spirit - Device unlocked from first try received code within 10-15 minutes after order Trusted and cheap verry good

2017-12-07 19:47:34 Pasztor

Unlocking - Device unlocked from first try received code within 10-15 minutes after order Trusted and cheap verry good

2017-12-07 17:11:36 Jarosław

Unlocking LG G4 - Bardzo szybka usługa - wszystko ok. Kody przyszły po 5 minutach :):)

2017-12-07 15:54:33 Bob

Unlocking LG V10 - Estimated time was 51 minutes for unlock code, actual time was 3 minutes. Code worked perfectly. AT&T had told me that my phone could not be unlocked.

2017-12-07 15:41:24 Marek

Unlocking LG Spirit - Kod po 6 min wszystko OK

2017-12-07 12:36:13 Joel

Unlocking LG Stylus 2 Plus - Excelente servicio me funciono 100% recomendado

2017-12-07 12:23:23 Gustavo

Unlocking LG Optimus L9 P769 - Unlocked in less than 5 minutes Excellent service 100% recommended

2017-12-07 11:25:51 Ivica

Unlocking LG G2 - Fast and reliable

2017-12-06 22:02:41 Dariusz

Unlocking LG Spirit - Działa dziękuję.

2017-12-06 21:33:43 Piotr

Unlocking LG G3 - sprawnie i pozytywnie

2017-12-06 21:33:26 Piotr

Unlocking - spr

2017-12-06 20:42:03 Fatmir

Unlocking LG G2 D802 - Very fast service. Thank you very much

2017-12-06 13:56:15 Marcin

Unlocking LG Spirit - Witam szczerze mówiąc nie wierzyłem że otrzymam kod ale jestem mile zaskoczony :) Telefon został odblokowany w ciągu 13 min od wpłaty na konto. Gorąco polecam ;)

2017-12-06 13:29:30 Waldemar

Unlocking LG F60 - Bez problemu pozdrawiam

2017-12-06 12:33:10 Didy

Unlocking LG G4 - You are so amazing it doesn't take me an hour to finish all and to have my LG G4 unlocked. Be blessed

2017-12-06 09:27:39 Maciej

Unlocking LG Spirit - Super Telefon odblokowany w 20min. POLECAM

2017-12-06 01:11:21 Ebber

Unlocking LG Magna - Excelente y seguro servicio. Rapidísimo.. . Recomendados..

2017-12-05 15:58:44 Marvio

Unlocking LG G4 - Very good and easy to unlock the phone I'm so happy to be unlocked my LG G4 so easily

2017-12-05 15:42:55 Radosław

Unlocking LG H525n - 10 minut i po klopocie. Polecam

2017-12-04 19:37:05 Daniel

Unlocking LG H440N - ok, kod w 4 minuty

2017-12-04 16:08:18 Andres

Unlocking LG G6 - The code was correct, but you promote your page by telling us that the average waiting time ia 50 minutes, then appears to be 1 to 4 hours in LG, and finally i got the code almost one day later after i made the request, so my suggestion is just be real, tell the average time

2017-12-04 12:11:36 Ackee

Unlocking LG Nexus 5X - It worked. For Nexus 5X, it works NSCK code. Awesome