Unlock by code for Samsung S20 Note20 S20+ Ultra ZFlip from USA networks

Unlock by code for Samsung S20 Note20 S20+ Ultra ZFlip from USA networksThis service allows you to unlock Samsung from USA networks by the manufacturer code.
Supported are all models e.g. S20, S20+, S20+ Ultra, S20 5G, S20+ 5G, S20+ Ultra 5G, S20 FE, ZFLIP and others from USA networks.

Please check if you can enter a code in your Samsung, before you make an order.

If your device does not ask for the unlock code, do not order !!!!

T-Mobile and Metro PCS are unsupported. They use a special unlocking app that doesn't allow to enter an unlock code.
You can use the following services to remove the blockade for unlock app:

Official Unlock from T-mobile USA (Mobile Unlock Device App)

Metro Pcs
Official Unlock from MetroPcs USA (Mobile Unlock Device App)
2022-04-13 11:05:23 Julia

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - I had a hard time switching phone companies. I thought my note 20 was nothing more than a $1200 poo a paperweight. It took just about 2 business days. I emailed to check on the progress and was happy to find the unlock code. It didn't work on the first try. I restarted and tried again, and was sssooo happy to see the words SIM UNLOCKED. I love giving credit when it's due. And I'll definitely use them again.

2021-05-10 08:01:02 Rajesh

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S10 - Fast efficient service recommended.